New York State Veteran's Chamber of Commerce


  • ​​Writing and Content for Business Plan and Marketing Strategy
  • Crafting Marketing and Defining target market
  • Website Layout,Design and Development
  • Content Writing for Website
  • Secure Domain,Registration and Set Up for Website
  • Logo Design
  • Create Membership Levels

Tena J-Teez by Jan

  • Website Domain Setup
  • Website Layout and Design
  • Crafting for Content
  • Image Incorporation
  • PayPal and Merchant Solution for Online Transaction
  • Organization Marketing

National Allotment Insurance Agency (NAIA)   

(After) New Website:  http://www.nationalallotment.insure/  

(Before) Old Website: http://www.nationalallotmentinsurance.com/


  • Consultation
  • Website Layout and Design
  • Logo Design
  • Interview and mp3 Content and Creation
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Wrote Marketing Content and Messaging

​​3D Careers Business Coaching

  • Creating and Crafting Content and Promotional Postcards and Business Cards
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Printing
  • Postcard Printing
  • Secure Domain, Registration and Set Up for Website
  • Website Layout, Design and Development
  • Website and Brand Consulting
  • Square Registration and Set Up
  • Assistance with Social Media Promotion
  • Content and Writing of Press Release

BeSure Home Health ServicesHealthcare

  • Brand Reinvention,Redevelopment and Positioning
  • Brand and Marketing Collateral Integration
  • Marketing Analysis and Target Market Examination
  • Business Consulting and Business Coaching
  • Revised Marketing Collateral
  • Developed New Logo and Letterhead
  • Website Development,Layout and Design
  • Website Content and Brochure Writing, Research and Development ● Website Key Words
  • Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Golden Krust RestaurantFranchise

  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Etc.: used these social networks to                                                  create giveaways/fan updates (use Chipotle for example) offer links for other things fans may like (this way they feel that they are getting  EVEN MORE out of "liking OR following" you/educated people who donate know what your restaurant has to offer/ offer special discounts and contests
  • Sponsor a Facebook Friday Specials ONLY for customers connected to Golden Krust via
  • Facebook 
  • Implement utilizing more Tools and communicate new Tools to Restaurant Team
  • Educate Restaurant Team on how to communicate new Automation Tools and Social Media
  •  Offer Catering as an Option to Customers from High Image Area Companies 

Swing For Kids Golf Tournament Non­-profit organization

  • Performed Media Relations by contacting and scheduling local city officials to participate and              appear at the event
  • Coordinated media interviews, follow-up, and tracking
  • Created key messages for the late Afeni Shakur                                                                                    (mother of the late Tupac Shakur) who was key sponsor of the event
  • Created and distributed press release to media in Lumberton, North Carolina and Regional                  Media
  • Performed follow-up and pitch to Radio, TV, and Newspaper and scheduled Interviews
  • Took photos and sent to newspapers and magazines

Harlem Karate Academy Non-profit organization

  • Created key messages and press release
  • Sent Press Release to Media and Performed Media Pitch and Scheduled Interviews
  • Media scheduling and follow-up
  • On-site interview coaching/media preparation
  • Created and Consulted on sponsorship package and updated website to receive sponsorship dollars (via Merchant Account version of PayPal account)
  • Editing, conversion, and posting of pertinent video footage
  • Event planning and scheduling, promotions, catering assistance, and venue setup of fundraiser
  • Performed all follow-up and scheduling

SOW Entertainment/TomokoMusic Entertainment

  • Website Audit for Tomokomusic.com
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Phone/Skye and Face-to-Face Business/Branding/Project Consultation
  • Project Management and Team Guidance
  • Website Audit/ Website Consulting for Tomokomusic.com
  • All major search engines - Google, Yahoo! etc.
  • All major online news sites like Yahoo!News and Topix
  • More than 250,000 subscribers and over 30,000 journalists
  • Press Release will live online
  • Layout and Design of Corporate Sponsorship Package
  • Content and Development
  • Development of Pitch and Script to Potential Corporate Organizations to Secure Monies
  • Consulting with Interns of Client for Proper Pitching
  • Light of Gold PR receives 25% of Company/Corporate Monies Received

AmFrann Consulting InternationalTrading and Consulting

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card Layout & Design (does not include Printing service, can quote separately)
  • Letterhead Layout & Design (does not include Printing service, can quote separately)
  • Content Editing
  • Light Consulting

Labor Bathgate Child Care CenterDaycare

  • Proposal Review, Assessment, and Project Research
  • Client Consulting, Client Meetings (Phone/Face-to-Face based on schedule)
  • Client and City Contact Follow-up
  • Proposal Writing and Preparation
  • Proposal Design and Formatting

Gold Social Media Networking Event(New York and Atlanta) 

  • Held 2 Social Media Events in New York and Atlanta on utilizing thesocial media like Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and other Social Media sites to build brand awareness and grow your business.
  • Event Management
  • Marketing of Event
  • Created and Posted Press Releases
  • Set up payment system online - PayPal
  • Kept track of RSVPs and offer comps strategically
  • Prepped giveaway certificates or items and/or giftbags
  • Created Powerpoint presentation and flyer
  • Arranged for refreshments and utensils
  • Performed follow-up to attendees
  • Took photos and posted to our website
  • Created sponsorship packages

Crossing Bridges International Sister City Project 

(Nuremberg, Germany and Atlanta, GA)

  • Advised German consultant on how best to form strategic alliances, partnerships, and promotions for Sister City conference launch between Nuremberg, Germany and Atlanta, GA
  • Created key messages and guided organizations in both Germany and Atlanta, GA on how to best work together to cross promote conference in their individual cities
  • Created press release and sent out to local Atlanta media
  • Participated and featured in case study comparing differences in work-life balance of women in Nuremberg, Germany and Atlanta, Georgia
  • Selected organization to partner with and help set up the structure and foundation for the conference
  • Served as a speaker in Germany in the Crossing Bridges Conference. Used Topic - "How to best perform PR for your Business"

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Brooklyn Granola LLC

  • Content Consulting and Revisions
  • Crafting Marketing and Defining target market
  • Website Assessment and Revisions
  • Initial Instagram Optimization and Implementation
  • Layout and design of promotional image for Food Expo
  • ​Analyzed logo inconsistency's 
  • ​SWOT Analysis
  • ​Payment Solution for Online Transactions
  • ​Digital Marketing and Social Media


  • Crafting Marketing and Defining target market
  • Website Builder to Support Layout and Design
  • ​​Secure Domain,Registration and Set Up for Website
  • Content writing for Website
  • ​Revamped the aesthetic for Website 

Tamara Baines Law​​


  • Secure Domain,Registration and Set Up for Website
  • Content Writing for Website
  • Website Layout,Design and Development
  • Marketing and Brand Consulting
  • SWOT Analysis

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